I’ve been getting so antsy to post a wedding story here and since my first wedding of the year isn’t until April 5th, I decided to put up one of my favorites instead.


Melissa and Hernan’s November 23rd wedding was total magic! In addition to the fact that they’re both SUPERMODEL DOCTORS (he’s a surgeon, she’s internal medicine), the entire day was so much fun. The temperatures may have been low (like really low) but the excitement was high! Between the ceremony and reception, Hernan decided to surprise everyone and detour to the shared fraternity house he spent his college years in (and where he still serves as president of the alumni association……no breaking and entering here peeps). HOLY freakin architecture! My little heart almost exploded when I saw the windows, the staircase, the old furniture, the big windows……and a bunch of other amazingly cool things that make me want to cry real nice tears. I crave unexpected locations for many reasons but mostly for the challenge that comes alongside not having a plan. So this was sort of like winning the lottery for me, especially as we were on a strict time crunch to get to the reception and the winter sun was going down quickly. And minus all the cash and inevitable misfortune that comes with winning the actual lottery.


Sit back and enjoy looking at these photos under a blanket!


– AC