My story includes a very funny two year-old named Gemma & a loving English husband named Nick. Together we like to travel the world, visit our friends and family, and have a lot of sweet treats everywhere we go. “Friends” is the only program we can all agree on. Chocolate milk is mandatory in our house.

Out of everywhere you could be right now, I’m so glad you’re here.


Let’s create something together.

My life didn’t begin with a camera in hand but I grew to love it, seemingly out of nowhere. I never saw myself doing this. Maybe that’s because I never knew it was a job. But now I know about it and couldn’t think of anything I’d want to do more.

I love the everyday. What you think of as your ordinary…often photographs extraordinarily. My style is best described as “in the moment”, I think. Maybe that moment includes the two of you, ready to spend forever together. Or when you start that family you’ve dreamt of. Or all 10 of you, piling in your bed on a Sunday morning. Whatever the moment is for you, I’d love to document it and tell your story the way I see it.

Gorgeous images of my family & me by : The Mullers