Hello world!



I’m so excited you’re here reading my first blog post! Isn’t my page pretty?! Jane Johnson Design does brilliant things on a computer screen.

I’m not going to play pretend and act like I’m not super incredibly daunted by the prospect of having a blog. Look, I’ve read blogs before. They’re usually witty, smart and full of cool, helpful information and pretty pictures. This blog will probably not include any of that except the pretty pictures. BUT. It will keep my clients and prospective clients in the know on current sessions, happenings and maybe some random thoughts or things I think are funny. Warning: I think internet memes are hilarious. <———- don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m also concerned about my commitment to keep up with a blog. For this reason, I won’t promise daily posts, correct grammar or happy tears. All I can do is write stream of consciously and hope you can make sense of it all by the end.

But mainly, this is my chance to share the beautiful weddings I get to be a part of. I felt like potential clients as well as current clients deserved to see an entire wedding story, not just the highlights I post to my Facebook page and website. There is something special about the way a cohesive story of a wedding day can be told through photos and I’m excited to get the chance to share what I see and talk about what made it so special.


Weddings are only part of what I get to do for a job (although the largest part), so I will also blog about other types of sessions from time to time. And of course the memes. Don’t forget about the memes.


Here’s one to get you started.


Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 6.29.30 PM




  • Amanda said:

    Yay! Blog entry number one was great!

    "Dear Diary, a whole year has flown by!"

    That breaking bad picture is killing me.

  • Bev darnley said:

    I love your new page. That being said...the lettering is soo light...i can't really read it. It's very difficult to see for us "older" people :).

  • Ashley Henney said:

    I am so excited to follow your new blog! You are an amazing photographer and we couldn't be happier with the magic you captured on our wedding day! You are definitely an artist and you passion shines through in your work :) We are so thankful.

  • ashcrawfordphotography@gmail.com said:

    I appreciate the feedback!!

    Ashley, thank you for your kind words! You made my day!

    Amanda, hahahahahaha!